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Log-In Problems

06 March 2006 - 10:24 PM

Is anyone else having problems loggin in to the sohoadmin page? Since about 3:30 EST, USA, every time I try to log in, I get my session has expired, please close this window and re log-in. I have been trying to get in to edit my site and am having no luck. I tried closing and reopening my browser, restarting my computer, I cleared my cookies, temp files, history, even temporarily suspended my firewall. Nothing helps. Have written my host, but am awaiting a response.

Made my Grand Opening Deadline!

02 March 2006 - 04:58 AM

I'm so happy to announce that I got my site running by my March 1st deadline! Thanks Joe for all your help. The more I use Soho and get used to it, the more I like, no love it!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for continued learning and success.

I learned how to install Java Applets today!


New Problem

27 February 2006 - 10:27 PM

This just started happening a few minutes ago. I am trying to edit my Homepage once again and it opens fine. The problem starts when I click on one of the modules where I have a text editor field which I am trying to edit. When Click on the text editor it pops up the little window asking me whether I want the Basic or Advanced. This just started happening I had already set up for the advanced editor. Once I click on advance, I am automatically routed to another page as if I am viewing the page. I have closed and restarted my browser several times, but the same thing is happening. Any clues, suggestions, help, comments? This makes me really nervous as I am planning a March 1 Grand Opening with this site.

Can an image be linked?

26 February 2006 - 02:10 AM

Is there any way to have a image clickable with a link to another page? :confused:

Cannot Edit Home Page

23 February 2006 - 03:32 PM

I installed Soholaunch on 2/20/06 thru Fantastico. I started with the Quickstart Wizard and have been creating and editing pages just fine until yesterday. Now I can no longer edit my Home Page. When I open it, I do not get the green Save Page or Save Page As buttons, Preview Page, Page Properties, or Upload Buttons.

All I get is Edit Pages, View Website, Webmaster, Main Menu, Log Out options. The page is there with the grid lines and the items I have added which I need to edit, but I have no way to edit them.

On the Edit Page(s) menu where it shows all the pages I have created, the Home Page Delete Button is inacessible. I was going to delete it and create a new one, but I can't do that either.

Please HELP, I have searched the forum and cannot find this question or an answer. :(