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Soho admin does not load.

03 October 2020 - 04:21 PM

When I try to pull up sohoadmin for my site (xxxxx.com/sohoadmin/index.php) nothing happens. No pop-up, nothing. The site was working fine a few days ago but now nothing.


I also had trouble getting any soholaunch sites to load for a while but that is resolved and I'm wondering if the installation has to verify subscription status and it is not happening?


I did pm dresswell, but thought I'd drop a line here in case anyone else knows what is going on.

Need help with configuration...page data not displaying in templates

20 September 2020 - 02:39 AM

Hey all, I'm going nuts here. Long story short, my webhosting changed to where my directory used to be /home1/greasycr/public_html/sohoadmin... to /home4/greasycr/public_html/sohoadmin...


My website is www.greasycreekoutfitters.com if you want to look but other than my landing page and my photo album working properly, all other pages have no content other than the header and footer in the template. I found the .con and .regen files for the pages and the regen files have the proper information in them so I tried going in and editing the files by pasting the content back in, but when I go to view it I get the following message:


Unable to save page content for () to file (/home1/greasycr/public_html/sohoadmin/tmp_content/ABOUT_US.con)!

Possible Solution:
Log in to your hosting account via FTP and change permissions on the '/sohoadmin/tmp_content' directory from '0' to '0777'.


I have updated the hostco.conf.php and isp.conf.php files with the correct path but this does nothing.


I appreciate any help that you all can provide!