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Just finished this site

05 October 2013 - 11:35 AM



I like to build our own websites.  I recently tried Wordpress and find it very difficult to get the page looking how I want it, so I am back with Soholaunch.


I just do it how I think is best, and hope for the best! I don't have any training or special skills, nor any coleagues who can offer me any advice - they just leave it to me!


Hence my post here - I will be really grateful for any comments of any kind about this site.








Forms generator won't do anything it is told!

05 October 2013 - 11:07 AM

I created a small form - just an email address for a newsletter sign-up.


I put it on the page in the normal manner. Set it up to create a database, to email the webmaster and the client. and to return to the home page.


I tried several times, created new forms, and it did none of those things. In my mind the programme must have become corrupt.


It appears to work on the page, but no emails, no database and no return to home page - stays on the page the form is on.


Also i don't like the captcha thing. When I created the form I told it not to put the captcha on but it still did.


The form is on this page: and a lot of extra stuff appears in the url: http://www.printsett...e06d&cap=pkk4x4