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Installation Errors Via Fantastico

27 August 2014 - 03:12 AM

OK folks, I am trying to install Soho on a new account I have set up.  Here is what I have done so far.



Set up my account in cPanel

Added a subdomain for Soho

Went into cPanel/Fantastico and installed Soho to the new subdomain


Currently I have the following issues


When  the initial install is complete, I get a code 500 error when I try to go to the admin panel.

After a mass CHMOD of the entire directory structure of the subdomain to 755, I get nothing but a 100% blank page when I try top access the admin panel.


I( am at a loss.  I need to have a clean install of Soho to run some tests for a client.  I do have a copy of Soho installed on another account in full production and I do not recall having any of these issues when I set that up.  Any comments, hints, suggestions, or death threats are welcome.  Please note that I do reserve the right to promptly ignore any and all death threats.

Calendar entry showing wrng value for end time

02 July 2014 - 12:03 AM

This is VERY odd.  On my calendar, the end timefor my events is isplaying incorrectly.  It is showing the start time for both the star and end times.  The straneg part is that it is only doing this for some of the events.  there seems to be some relationship between the day of teh month and this glitch.  For July, all events form the 1st to the 5th display the time wrong.  I have looked at the database content to see if anything look odd, I see nohting out of shape.  The times are in the fields correctly.  Any idea what causes this?  I can give temporary access to the admin paenl if need be.