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Login Help

02 April 2008 - 10:41 AM


It appears that if I create both a password protected area, and a shopping cart, that my visitor would have to login separately to use each feature. Is this correct?

Is there a plugin that makes the login included in each page header, without placing it into each page? (Same for search box would be nice.) Login should also have a logout button when logged in.


reference user-defined img in css

11 March 2008 - 07:44 PM

I would like to change my CSS file to display, in the background, the image the user chose for his logo.

Not working:

#container {
background: transparent url(#LOGOIMG#) no-repeat;

What would I use to replace #LOGOIMG# ?

Oh and, would it work just as well, while developing template, if I just FTP over my existing file, instead of zip and upload through the Soho interface?


Partner Packages?

10 March 2008 - 04:29 PM

Well after searching for quite a while, I did find a Reseller program on your site. However, when I open the Terms and Conditions it says:

"When You install this Soholaunch software Your end user can use the basic features free of charge, but You and Your end users are prohibited from using the advanced features (currently the shopping cart, db manager, secure users, backup/restore, newsletter, event calendar, blog manager) unless they are individually licensed and paid for by the domain owner through Soholaunch or on a server-wide basis by You."

I am not interested in this product without the Advanced Features included. Nor can I find anywhere the price for them. Nor can I find a Reseller package which includes them.

I find your website lacking the content I need. Also, I think that the price is already too high, the reseller commission should be higher, and the Advanced Features should be included.

Further lacking in the website is the ability to view the source code, or review tutorials about creating templates, so I can know how difficult this will be.

Also, in the demo version, I was unable to create a page or section, which would be accessible only to approved users who have logged in.

As a small website designer, I would like to have a system for my customers which allows them to edit their own pages, update calendar, have registered users, upload files or add a products section, etc. However, I cannot sell them something for which I do not know the price.