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In Topic: Upgrade Failure

17 July 2009 - 06:19 PM

I assume you are a host, and ordinarily we come to folks like you for answers to these questions :)

That's not very reassuring, I wanted to use Soho so my clients could have reasonably advanced websites and not have to pay heaps in support. I'm not seeing much value so far. I spend more time debugging client problems that are illogical and the one test client is becoming very frustrated.

Given that the error defies common systems logic I suspected that it would be a problem that Soho would be used to dealing with by now. How can a program generate files that fail to write to directories with 777 permissions then? The application must be checking something other than permission, yet it returns a permissions error. If the fault is Apache, then the error message should say so.

I turned ModSecurity off temporarily in all the .htaccess files (it's on again now) and at last that allowed the upgrade to happen. Not too sure how I feel about giving those instructions to a dog breeder but he's reasonably brave, hence his being selected as the Guinea Pig.

Now all we have to do is see if that is the same thing that's blocking his access to image changes, adding new code and the recent failure of the form captcha.

In Topic: Upgrade Failure

17 July 2009 - 04:38 PM

How about I add the clients user to the group nobody?

In Topic: Upgrade Failure

16 July 2009 - 07:45 AM

Anyone got any ideas?

In Topic: Upgarde Problem

15 August 2008 - 03:31 PM

It looks like permissions to me too. I suspect that group 99 = nobody (may have to e-mail the NOC and get them to check for me - remote hands stuff. I gotta save up and get an IP KVM!! - and about $5K of other stuff :ghasp:).

The only problem is that chown is correct (checked spelling, it's good) and the permissions are all umask 0333 anyway. Very confusing.

There are three webmasters for this customer and I've used two. One has a slightly lower privilege but as far as I can tell, the other one is has full access. However, they both give the same error.

Any other suggestions? Please?

By the by, is this something Soho Support could log in to and fix or better still, tell me how to fix it?