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#15882 Install via Fantastico

Posted by dresswell on 20 January 2008 - 02:00 AM

Just a note for others that just downloaded soholaunch.
More than often the verision you just downloaded is an older
verision and should be updated A.S.A.P.
Open your sohoadmin by logging in.
Look at the lower right of the screen.
The number there is your soho verision.
Should be v4.9.2 r17 as of 01/19/08
If not you should update it.
If your host is running phpsuexec you should be
fine to update. if not you will want to go to
Webmaster > Software Updates >
Technical diagnostic info (for Geeks)
There you will see if you are running phpsuexec.
If you are, then go and update.
If not check yes to
chmod to 777 before updating?
Keep in mind it is better for you,
if host is running phpsuexec.
After updating go to sohoadmin>help>
and check your permissions are ok.

#14283 i can't access my pro edition

Posted by dresswell on 24 November 2007 - 03:54 AM

I just went to http://helpyouall.net
I got a coffee cup header.
When i went to it this morrning i was on a
hosting compartising guide site.
You still own the http://helpyouall.net/ domain name?
It looks to me like someone else got your domaine.
Or you changed you site layout.
Check it out.