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JavaScript won't load

09 September 2004 - 12:17 AM


We are running 4.5. I have two site templates, one for the home page and one for the interior pages. If I set the home page template as the Base Site Template when I connect to the site everything loads up fine and the little JavaScript scoller shows up. When I set the interior template as the Base the home page loads fine except the JavaScript won't start. If I do a refresh or select the home page from the menu it loads fine. When I do a view source the code is there, it just doesn't start.

I would be happy with this workaround, but other pages need to load and I don't want the home page template for those pages. I can create a single page template definition for all of the pages I create, but not the system called pages. A good example would be when the user login is clicked it loads http://weaverlawgrou...ecure_login.php. If there's a way to add this a single page template, that would work. Barring that, how can I get the JS stuff to load?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Form colors

06 September 2004 - 04:53 PM


We are running 4.5. When a form is created that has required fields and they are not filled in a Form Input Error form will display asking for this information. This form has a red background by default. Is there a way to change the backgroup color?


No edit in html mode

01 September 2004 - 05:48 AM


We are using 4.5 and I'm trying to add some javascript to a page within page editor in html mode. When I save the page it modified the code and breaks it.

Is there a tag I can add to the page that will prevent Soholaunch from modifying the code?

I tried creating an .html file and loading it as custom code and that didn't work either.

The only method that worked was adding the code as part of the template.