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#9388 Googlebot cannot find my pages

Posted by kellyc on 25 March 2007 - 10:15 PM

HI Ian:

I hope someone more technical responds here, this is out of my depth, but I do know that i haven't had any issues with any of my sites being crawled or seen by Google, so I think there must be something wrong in the configuration of your software/site. To see if the html pages are there, you can either open your site in ftp or view the file manager through Cpanel.

The only other thing I saw that seemed odd are your nameservers:


Are these correct? Generally name servers don't have a d in front:

Are your other sites set up like that?

I only began using Soho as it as available on my server so I thought I would give it a try. Although it is a lot quicker to get a site up and running, and handles forms etc easier, I have only had search engine issues with this program Maybe I should do this site the same way and get rid of the Soho program.

It really depends on the features you use. Since I am a non-technical person, I really love how easy it is to set up forms, databases, shopping carts & password protected areas. If you use the extra features of the application, I think it is worthwhile to stick with it and find a solution for your problems. When I first started using soholaunch, I had a lot of hosting issues (mainly permissions issues and aggressive php security software conflicts) and ultimately moved to a host that really optimized/supported the application and I haven't had issues since.

Do you think it would work if I made a sub domain ie: www.aussienutrition.ianc13.net as a main url

It is hard to say. I think the hassle of the url on a daily basis might outweigh the benefit. I think if you do a good job with the rest of your optimization, page names and links, you should be in good shape. Of course, you first have to figure out the crawling issue ;)

Oh and one more addition to the SEO feedback. None of the images on your site have 'alt names'. You should definitely add key-word rich descriptions for your images ;)