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#14601 PHASE2 > Tech 20: How do I remove the vertical menu area on some pages

Posted by NST Inc Designer on 04 December 2007 - 05:40 PM

You could create a duplicate template as full width in design without the sub menu column but it would take some more in-depth css/html knowledge (float and position) to have the vertical sub menu appear on the right and have the content wrap around it.

The current design is a 2 column layout. You must have the right column in order to have menu and promo boxes appear there. Take the column away (to go full wide with the left column) and you lose the menu and promo boxes.

#13228 #HMAINS# help & custom template opinions

Posted by NST Inc Designer on 04 October 2007 - 03:24 AM

Just thought I would share this info as I found myself in need of an HMAINS on and off style. So to make that happen I added this bit of code on line 400 of pgm-auto_menu.php:

// Define on and off Hmains  classes
		    if ($pagelink == $pageRequest || $pagelink == $dup) {

		         $hmainClass = "hmains_on";
		      } else {

		         $hmainClass = "hmains";

Then I replaced the hard coded class "hmains" directly below with the new variable $hmainClass like this:
if($subpage_link[$a] == ""){
  	$hmainz .= "  <td class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\"><a href=\"index.php?pr=".$pagelink."\" class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\">".$thispage."</a></td>\n";
  	$main_textmenu .= "<a href=\"index.php?pr=$pagelink\">$thispage</a> | ";
	if( eregi("http://", $subpage_link[$a]) || eregi("https://", $subpage_link[$a]) || eregi("mailto", $subpage_link[$a]) ){
	  	$hmainz .= "  <td class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\"><a href=\"".$subpage_link[$a]."\" class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\">".$thispage."</a></td>\n";
	  	$main_textmenu .= "<a href=\"".$subpage_link[$a]."\">$thispage</a> | ";
	  	$hmainz .= "  <td class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\"><a href=\"http://".$subpage_link[$a]."\" class=\"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]".$hmainClass."[/COLOR]\">".$thispage."</a></td>\n";
	  	$main_textmenu .= "<a href=\"http://".$subpage_link[$a]."\">$thispage</a> | ";

Thats it! Now the current page menu link will have a class of "hmains_on". Tested and works so far however, I'm not exactly a PHP wiz so if someones got any comments post 'em up.

#11847 Box around Image Hyperlink Issue

Posted by NST Inc Designer on 23 July 2007 - 06:37 PM

Image properties>Appearance>Border. Type 0 in the box.